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2014. Transition

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“How do we plan for our own futures?” David Linklater wondered idly last summer. “You do your best, but you live in the present. All you can do is keep marching towards it and adjust yourself as the reality shifts.” 

Guardian , 1st Jan 2015, Xan Brooks article.

2014. 2015.

The strange bit about 2014 is that I remember too much of it, it is not a blur—-

and maybe that’s what a year of transition does to you—-you are left remembering it.

Feeling braver about the risks you took. Like leaving that job that does nothing for you.

The sense of loss that ensues. Like the loss of a project that you fire-started.

Constant Acknowledgement of what we have. Like the ones who linger just across the boundaries of your extended presence when you are a miserable twat.


If there is anything I should be doing more for 2015 and leaves me with just enough guilt-its writing. And moreover, as the last few years have gone by—-I have realized that this writing is more for me.

Not for you.

Just me.

This is, indeed, what I would term as ‘selfish writing’—and I chide myself for not doing enough of it.

Though I doubt these things will change.

But I will try.

Afterall, one must try—– given that’s all one do.

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