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Bamboo housing

6 November 2008 One Comment

This is the staff accommodation for the Magic Bus Staff located near the Karjat Dam, India. What is special about this accommodation is that it is constructed with bamboo, a material available in plenty around India. Architects Architecture Brio have developed a construction system where bamboo is used as a structure.

A staircase in the west acts as a buffer to the hot sun, and the building takes advantage of the contoured site. There are essentially two levels. The ground floor is the most occupied level, and the rooms are screened with bamboo shutters.The first floor has the rooms offsetted to create corridors around them with abutting a covered open space . The thought that springs here is that the spaces were designed to be flexible. In doing so, there exists a transparency in the building in material usage and its design

The interesting bit is, of course, how the bamboo skin is built.

Photo credit: Architecture BRIO

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