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Cellophane House

21 October 2008 One Comment

Cellophane House is the work of Kieran Timberlake, commisioned by MOMA. It is a two bedroom house, whose concept lies in being permeable and transparent. Materials are seen as tools to build enclosures and is completely fabricated offsite.

The key to making this an energy efficient building, lies in the building skin and services working hand in hand together. The building is wrapped with Next-Gen SmartWrap™ thin-film skin which absorbs energy from the sun, using BIPV and the energy gets stored in batteries. An additional layer of this skin allows light to penetrate into the spaces of the house, but is said to have great insulation properties as compared to glass. During winter and summer, the ventilation system balances the heat or cooling requirement.

This housing unit can be mass customised to suit any climate, slope, orientation. Material choices are varied providing consumer power. What is crucial about this house is that it is ‘assembled’, nto constructed, enabling it to be deconstructed. This not only focusses on recycling the material but also reuse and reduces the need for new material. This can also mean you take your house with you anywhere.

Photo credit: Kieran Timberlake


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