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Combo wins

27 May 2010 No Comment

So, today was Elina’s final presentation of her master thesis- Combo. Super duper proud of her!! She was confident, sassy and super hot. Her furniture piece dealt with ‘working’ in public spaces and how furniture can respond to it. She started with a bang! On the bit about the volcano exploding and throwing airports into chaos- suddenly, they were turned into homes for millions of people for about one-two weeks!! People had to work, eat, live and sleep there, so the question was then, why isn’t furniture responding to this need? And she took off…with flying colours, of course…

The piece is designed for two persons, can accommodate four. Has two tables for laptops. It has the ‘powerkiss’ embedded in the furniture, which is currently for mobile charging but hopefully, the next generation of the technology will serve laptops. The use of ecological materials were emphasized. She took off on the route of investigating how people felt in spaces and what kind of spaces provide inspiration.

The feedback from the tutors were encouraging with all them telling her to get her piece into production.




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