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Copenhagen, hopenhagen and are we roping it in??

20 December 2009 No Comment

the trip to Copenhagen was marvelous and all that, but it got me thinking about what the summit was supposed to mean to all of us- are we building a better world for any of us, since we all would like to ignore what the future entails? I dunno…I tried hard not to be depressive about it…

to prove a point, did we need a summit for all these 192 nations to meet in Copenhagen? did anyone consider carbon emissions for flying into the city? did anyone consider the consumption that took place in the city itself? does it justify the means- putting up banners, lighting up streets: consumption, consumption and more consumption?does HOPENHAGEN justify itself?
I wouldn’t be so critical if the all these so-called world leaders actually came up with something substantial to validate the existence of the summit- We have a ‘copenhagen accord’!! what does that mean? We have the gracious act of all these nations recognising ‘ man-made-climate change’. Ok, we do have detractors that climate change is a farce and maybe there is some truth in us polluting the atmosphere, our rivers, our lands will have no bearing on our future as a race or species. The earth is ours to plunder and destroy. It feels good,doesn’t it?
Was the summit just there for the superpowers(who exactly are they?) to bully others?Nations in denial, nations will drown, climate refugees scrambling for life- what are we in for???
I am pessimistic as hell, this is not the world I asked for, this is not the world I want for me because at the rate we’re going we can only try and save ourselves and we can’t be bothered about our successors.


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