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11 March 2019 No Comment

I haven’t understood how to be free.

To let go and not remember.

“I don’t remember you, I don’t think of you.”

To be free of that memory, to have unheard it.

The infamous ice-pick plunge.

The slit through the abdomen.

Move like water, be like air—

Unseen and imagined betrayal.

The lies- the act of saying what it takes

To stay distracted.

It’s a blessing to forget.

Become like water,

Move like water.

To accept.


None of it was real,

None of it true.

It was the best of cons.


We don’t go forward.

We don’t do anything.

We let this die— our history, our stories, our past.

We erase what we have to, twist it, paint over it.

We become to each other, people that we used to know but don’t remember.

Our paths shouldn’t cross.

If it does, we don’t acknowledge.



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