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Girl, Woman, Lady…in peril n those in defense of rapists

9 January 2013 No Comment

I can’t get over the stupidity that’s being meted out by the people we elect and possibly revere….on the Delhi Rape Case…They make it sound all so funny n hilarious, not to mention the embarassment they cause displaying their chauvinism, ignorance & hypocrisy ( I am beginning to believe that we need to get these men some uterus, get the internal load going for 9 months,  send them to grooming schools where they learn to cook, wash clothes, take care of the elderly, manage kids etc etc)  – http://blogs.reuters.com/india/2013/01/09/short-skirts-bad-stars-and-chow-mein-why-indias-women-get-raped/

That is one face of how women belong in Indian (n other) societies…

On the other hand, the lady Goddesses of India are revered to bring wealth, fertility, the barrage of knowledge drummed into stupid, useless brains…I hope the Lady Goddesses ruin it for these !@#$%rs!!

I wonder what kind of work lies ahead of us, so that when we stand-up for ourselves- it shakes the living daylights of these monsters…

For now, the plan is to acquire a pepperspray,  learn self-defense techniques, put a gazillion safety apps on my smartphone (Fightback, bsafe, circle of 6 etc) …of course, I am aware that this doesn’t guarantee protection in anyway- but atleast I can go down knowing that I didn’t make it one bit easy, that I made it fuckn hurt…



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