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Letter to Biotique

21 January 2011 No Comment

I recently came across your new products of conditioners and was surprised to see the new packaging.


To begin with, I have to explain I come from a background of design sustainability and am constantly struggling with system sustainability- this forms an integral part of products and their service systems. This details how a product enters the market to stakeholder interactions with the product and so on. To elaborate further, this is concerned with the cradle-to-cradle aspect of every product.

So when I saw that the new conditioners have extra packaging. The bottle is first sealed in a plastic cover and then, placed in a cardboard box for the market. Biotique always had a wonderful presence with its bottles: we know what a biotique product looks like due to the distinctive opaque bottle and green top. But now, it is hidden in this wee box.

So when we buy your product (which I am paying more for now), we trash the cardboard box(the same info is on the bottle) to begin with and then when the product is used up, we dispose the plastic bottle as it cannot be reused in any manner. It is bad enough, we have limited knowledge on how to recycle plastic and now, we add more cardboard trash to our dumpyards.

IDEA- It is just not enough anymore that your product is ‘natural’ but the entire package addresses the same concerns. It would be great, if I could return the bottles to your retailers and you could collect it from them, and surely you can find a way to reuse these bottles. And yea, eliminate the box packaging that was not there with the product identity to begin with.

I LOVE your product and its eco-stature of the content, but there seems to some trouble with maintaining your philosophy, selling your product  and allowing me to remain environmentally-responsible citizen. I would sincerely request that you allow me to continue to choosing your product and not tickle my eco-guilt as there are enough companies that do that for me.


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