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Letter to Gulf Daily News (2)

28 December 2009 No Comment

Published in Gulf Daily News on 28 December 2009. It was merely a comment to a letter, but o well…


People Power…

I CANNOT agree more with you, Dr Hill, ‘Heading for disaster’ (GDN, December 23).As John Thackara says on worldchanging.com: “The outcome of Copenhagen is depressing if you only look at what happened at the official summit, and persist in the belief that those guys are ‘world leaders’. They are not: they are followers, guardians of a dying regime.” So we cannot look at our world leaders for leadership but is it justified to keep blaming them? They are after all an illegible fraction of the world’s population and it is up to us to do something.

The power of change belongs to the people, and it is there for the taking.

We all know what it takes to reduce the impacts of climate change and begin the process of climate adaptation, but are we up to the challenge? Can we be the change we want to see? What kind of world do we want our children to see? Unfortunately, the answer lies with us and it’s a question of whether we are brave enough to deal with the hard facts.


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