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Maid of Honour

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17 November 2018

Good evening everyone.
For those who don’t know me, I’m Kavita- the bride’s sister. I’m going to get this out of the way once and for all— I am single with a brain of gold. My family is worried that I’m going to die alone. What they don’t know or maybe do know— is I’m having way too much fun and constantly on many adventures. But yea, anyone wants to take me on— find me on the dancefloor or at the bar.
And now, I will be serious.

To start with— I would like to thank everyone for coming here and giving Melissa and Dennis your support and love.

While many of you have touched this wedding in many ways, the heart and soul of this wedding is my dad. He is the architect of this wedding with the support of my mum, brother Ryan, sister in law Anila and Josh. As we do not live in Goa, he put together the caterers to venue, to where we would be staying to making all those WhatsApp groups. So , 3 cheers for this very cool man.

So let me start from the beginning. A man and woman decided to make that way from India to the tiny island of Bahrain. They met there and fell in love.  And out there , they sealed the destinies of Their kids- Ryan, me, Melissa and Joshua.

I don’t remember a single childhood memory without Meli being in it. We are only two years apart. We went to school, wore the same uniform, same clothes even…- a cost saving measure by mum. My clothes would be handed down to her as much as it revolted her. We would fight always and she would snitch about my many escapades to my folks. She always wanted to hang out and I would stay away as much as possible. We also fun things together like blowdry Meli’s hair and her getting stuck in the brush and then we had to chop it off. Going off on adventures on our cycle, lots of swims.. but Melis been scared to do things without me around…and it was always annoying.

Then we went off to college and I moved on to study architecture. And then Meli decided she wanted to study further and venture to the away land of the United States of America. That was a huge decision— someone who was just scared of everything , now wanted to travel a million miles away. Dad wasn’t sure but with a bit of encouragement of the family and from Aunty Maggi. She was on her way. This scared girl went out there and found her way out there— with the help of her many friends like Neha, Christine, Kanak, Ariel and many more. Foster and Keith who are just a flight away.

And then fast forward to many moons ago, Meli met Denny. Not a big deal, they meet, fall in love and …. They decide to get married.
But to me, the highlight was meeting Dennis’ family. They were so welcoming, warm and I knew she was fine.

Today is the easy day. Getting married.
Today is the easy day.
Tomorrow starts the hard work.

I don’t believe that marriage is for having kids. I do, however, believe it’s a fun game that you both signed up for— with an elaborate point system, motivations, weapons, tools, bonus points and stupid shit deducts your points. This is very similar to a game called life. The game involves  living together, doing the dishes, who is going to do laundry , discussiins on who works harder than the other, remembering to wish your mother-inlaw for her birthday, whether to go to Tahiti or Japan…. And some difficult decisions. You are in this game together.

And you are going to need support. Your team of ninjas. Friends of hers who are as good as family— to the Riley family…as the rest of us being a million seas away. Lean on them, ask for help— as they have been there before, they will be there for you always.

And to always remember that all the decisions that brought you to this day, from the man and woman who went to a tiny island of Bahrain to seek their fortune…to the one that took you to another continent. To this day where you are banked with all your game points. And to the memories you will make going forward.

Always remember where you come from.
Always remember who you are.

Let that be your guiding star.


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