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New Romantics

15 June 2016 One Comment


Swipe left, swipe left some more,

Swipe right.

‘I trust you with the diseases.’


Spread your legs apart,

Those black laced knickers down.

Tighten, release, hold-

All for this primitive experience.


Spread your legs apart.

Impatience with volatility, fear and doubt-

You plunge.


Nails running down this back-

Hair yanked, air gasped.

Plunge deeper.

I trust you with no diseases-

Once you have gone, left, to not return.


Swipe left, swipe right-

We hover on this itch— we are hooked. Remember the addict and his opiate.

Why should we bridge more than these limbs?

The angst of knowing- similarities, commons, memories.


Clinging into the night—

This heartbeat spent and heart empty in the morning.

What is a romantic?

Existential bummer *.




Fragility has a shape.

I give away this body—

I do not part with thoughts.

And all you do is trust I have no diseases.


Crash into me-

Crack this facade.

Chase through the loss—

To see me.

You don’t.


Swipe left, swipe right.

The next one. Yes, you.

I trust you have no diseases.



The world is safe again here

The world is safe here



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  1. Prajakta says:

    I absolutely loved this Kavi!

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