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Ode to a boy

28 July 2017 No Comment

Lips Sealed, lips locked

You savour it for 3 seconds longer than I do.

Small kisses, bony bones

Tight hugs, the tall & short of it.


There is nothing significant going on-

Yet, something is being built.

I wait for it to crumble-

As my happiness is to be feared.


I don’t know how to do this.

Out of touch, this is unreal-

Constantly feels extra.

Trouble with showing any shade.


Turns out this connection

Is the high of Oxytocin and yours is Vasopressin-

While I am peaking,

You aren’t.


Even while

Small kisses give comfort-

It’s what you say

When I cannot mouth syllables.


Bony bones, my nails trail your back-

Delight filled

Our fingers seek its valley to sink into.

Our knees collide- it’s this constant rush.

The mind blurs.


Chest to chest,

What’s too much, what’s enough—

How do we know we are right in the middle?

We don’t.

We take what separates our feeble bodies.

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