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Recycling shampoo

6 January 2009 No Comment

Going CG (http://www.naturallycurly.com/) means having to get rid of all hair goods that contain silicones and sulphates and replacing them with natural/ ‘cone’ free products. So that leaves me with the question: what do I do with all those commercial shampoos I have? I remembered that my mum used shampoo to replace detergent powder when washing dark clothes to prevent them from fading. Well, this is just one alternative application and internet can present far more ideas. So I did a bit of research on what can be done so as to reuse/recycle shampoo and their containers.

1.As soap itself
Use it as handwash, shaving cream, bathroom and toilet cleanser!
Wash your make up tools and brushes, combs and brushes with it.
It can clean metals if mixed with baking soda.
Apparently, can be used to give pets a bath.

Shove a bit into the washing machine.
Clears out stains.
Shampoo+conditioner combo is great for woollens.
I used detergent for the soaking cycle and shampoo for the wash cycle with sets of dark and colored clothes and they came out clean!!! and smelt great,too!!

3.Give it away
You can donate it to homeless shelters.
Freecycle(http://www.freecycle.org/) it.

Though one might be concerned about the chemicals in the shampoo itself, most of them are biodegradable. There have been studies where the use of the chemical methylisothiazoline(MIT) causese nerve damage leading to diseases such as Alzheimers. Thus, one would want to watch out for kind of chemicals are being used to cleanse our bodies.

Though there are other uses for shampoo, the containers they come in. Most containers maybe recyclable but recycling should be considered as the last alternative as it is energy consuming to recycle plastic. Thus, Reuse is the keyword. Use them as vases, addtional containers…some people have even made jewellery out of them.

So, there is always an alternative.


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