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Stories of Exclusion

5 October 2011 No Comment

Beginning of Navratri

Yesterday morning, as I passed Powai lake. The view that beholded us was that of tonsured men ready to dip themselves with autos scurrying around. This may have been due to the navratri about to set in. When one looked closely at the collective set of baldness.they had a distinct feature to them-the emblemic thread running across their chest. Something special,something exclusive.

Visuals of identity

We have come a long way with exclusions.to tell us apart from the rest. We can.t be homogeneous in any way. Split the hunter from the gatherer ,the woman from the man, n how do we separate man from man-through symbols and identity.

So I sat around creating the kind of exclusions we descend upon ourselves. The kind of exclusions one can identify are:

  1. Economic
  2. Religion
  3. Gender
  4. Environmental
  5. Information


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