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sunday evening with co(te)lette

7 September 2009 No Comment

My stomach is yet to recover from churning motion-a response to what my visual senses experienced upon viewing Co(te)llete. The piece consisted of three female dancers in minimal attire-each of different body types:skinny, athletic and wholesome. There seems to be no story being told but a constant rhythm and exaggeration of what today’s woman is torn between-looking beautiful, being perfect, finding a partner and seeking peace with one’s sexual desire. Each dancer expresses a different issue and yet shares common ground. For example, one dancer is stripped-both in real and metaphorically, is subjected to abuse and undergoes torment, yet at the end of it-she sits up and smiles. One would ask is it because she is expected to or is intrinsically moulded by society to behave thus.

A show that definitely shook me up.


transportation– walk, metro, walk
food consumption-nil
clothing– sweater(flea market), scarf(french), jeans(UK-over 2 years old), top(UK-over a year old)
entertainment– live(1 hour)

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