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19 October 2008 No Comment

Scotland is going to be building the World’s Largest tidal stream project, which has been made possible with the use of the new turbine called Lanstrom. There have been three sites selected for this project, where two are in the Pentland Firth and the Sound of Islay and third one will be off Northern Ireland.

5 to 10 turbines will be installed in each site and all three sites are said to have a combined effect of 60MW: which will power around 40,000 homes. These will be operational by 2011. “Tidal power is completely renewable, being driven by the gravity of the sun and moon, with no carbon dioxide emissions, whilst being entirely predictable in nature. Scotland has the best tidal resources in Europe with the Pentland Firth alone containing enough tidal energy to meet a third of Scotland’s power requirements,” said Keith Anderson, Director of ScottishPower Renewables

The Lanstrom is claimed to be the World’s most advanced tidal turbine as tested in Norway. This is now being tested in Scotland, before being sent to these various sites. Lanstrom technology is a underwater widn turbine which has shorter blades and turns very slowly.

This project is definitely in direct response to Scotland’s desire to be Co2 emission free by 2050.

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