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take your house along when you go for a stroll

25 October 2008 No Comment

The result of the studies done by Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire, have resulted in a home for nomads. It has a rainwater harvesting unit, solar water heating system and can even have a greenhouse to grow your own food. It has a composting toilet and powers itself through PV and wind energy. Several of these modules can be put together to form a living community or a unit as small for a family. The Walking House , being an offshoot of the gypsy life, seeks to provide a space above ownership.

This spaceship can be built from any material as long as it suits the framework. What is fascinating are the legs, which are designed to move at human pace. However, these units need to be designed for easy access so that anyone can use it.

Photo credit: Manual for Walking House

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