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the conditioner hunt

4 November 2009 No Comment

Since December 2008, I have been following the curly-hair method of maintaining my hair where the emphasis is on conditioning rather than using chemicals to cleanse. The cleansing process relies on the friction that occurs in the circular massaging of the scalp with fingers and conditioner and depending on your hair type, shampoo is used. The reason shampoo is eliminated is simply because it contains chemicals that are way too harsh and drying for hair strands, particularly SLS which is found in detergents. It is also critical to not use silicon-based conditoners as then to remove silicon from you hair, you would generally require SLS-based shampoos to remove them.Anyways, there has been massive improvement in the appearance of my hair and unlike before, I am no longer ashamed of it.

CUrly Hair Bible

Now, in my routine, I try not to go overboard with owning and buying these toiletries and as a rule, I only buy when required. My ‘natural’ or ‘bio’ conditioner requires replacement. I totally foresaw this and thought being in a Scandinavian country wouldn’t pose any problems. But since my move to Helsinki, I have been seeking and searching organic hair products. You can find organic food with ease as the Finns are very proud of their local produce and stress on ‘fresh’ ingredients. But I could not find FINNISH organic toiletries and this did not go down well with me. What this would mean then is reverting back to commercial conditioners and bearing with their false promises of make my hair look shiny and glossy. BOOHOO!!!!
But today, I feel I stumbled onto a pot of gold- I just discovered a shop called Naturellement online. I am mighty pleased with myself. Of course, I would have probably saved myself the trouble if I had asked a couple of local Finns. But the joy…no wait…I mean the JOY that exists in discovering that wee store presents possibilities to me. All it means now is to first visit the store and then confirm it was everything I was looking for. Now my sniffing around also yielded me a result on two wee gurls who are opening up an ‘edible cosmetic’ company called Fresh Cream company but they don’t have a website as well. But that means, there is hope!!! 😉
And before you ask me, yes, we do have Body Shop around, and no, they are not as organic or natural as you may think. They contain commercial cleansing and shine agents but I would bet they use fairtrade ingredients. Some trade-off.

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