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the convenience of patriotism

14 August 2011 No Comment

On this day, eons ago we became a nation free. Just that the ones who ruled us took leave and we were left to our devices. To our own devices we were left…we were cut and divided up…as a nation, we were subdivided…

And then the flag comes up, we sing the lines of the anthem and we feel the warmth of the indian soil in our heart…or in our arse…not sure…

Divided and subdivided

forgive my crudeness, but as always we are the convenient in our patriotism…take a cricket match or d lovely holiday we get gifted for independence/republic day…tats d the pinnacle of Indian patriotism… on all other days, we identify ourselves as Hindus, Muslims, Gujurathi, Marathi, throw in caste to shake it all up etc etc. Everyone else is the ‘other’.

We fight and kill d ‘other’ mercilessly. We find ways to exclude those who are our own, who should be our own. We utilise the tactic of fear to garner and maintain power. But on a day like today, the pretense is that we are part of an event that we made no contribution to and have no qualms of keeping it that way.

we are the convenient patriots. we thrive on the irony and maybe, laugh a little harder when we think about it.


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