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the cost of being green or organic or such

9 October 2009 One Comment

lately, someone announced that according to a recent survey ,people or perhaps Finns are willing to pay more for products that are ecologically sound. I wonder what kind of demograph has agreed to it.

Is it the well-off who can afford it or the urban poor?
I realized that the cheese I bought at the Hakaniemi Markethall costs twice as much as the supermarket brand. hurts my pocket. I am not earning but a dependant but if i had to fend for myself, would I be able to afford these luxuries.
Why is goin green expensive??(its a rhetorical question!!)
maybe I’ll turn freegan…atleast it won’t hurt to see some food go to waste…as my parents like many others wagged their finger and used Somalia or Ethiopia as a benchmark to be grateful what we had- might not be politically correct, but thats the truth. Blame it on LiveAid!

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