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the most efficient solar cells so far

26 October 2008 3 Comments

The solar cell can achieve 25% efficiency, the highest the world has seen so far. It has been developed down south by the University of South Wales.
Whats so special about these solar cells?

Dr Anita Ho-Baillie, who heads UNSW ARC Photovoltaic Centre of Excellence, says that these solar cells work differently as they are able to absorb more from a wider colour spectrum.

“Blue light is absorbed strongly, very close to the cell surface where we go to great pains to make sure it is not wasted. Just the opposite, the red light is only weakly absorbed and we have to use special design features to trap it into the cell,” said she.

Professor Green, Centre Executive Research Director, said: “These light-trapping features make our cells act as if they were much thicker than they are. This already has had an important spin-off in allowing us to work with CSG Solar to develop commercial ‘thin-film’ silicon-on-glass solar cells that are over 100 times thinner than conventional silicon cells.”

This is definitely to up the PV market and once, it ventures into mass production, the reach of the product will be tremendous, assisting in micro generation of electricity.

Photo Credit: Brixton, Flickr Creative Commons


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  1. would love to know more about cost if i want to use solar power for my farm hse.

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