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time with SEOS

14 September 2009 No Comment

A chance meeting with SEOS at the Design Factory, Helsinki, got me all interested in them. They are a start-up design firm with the word ‘Sustainability’ as a default setting in their designs. I came across their presentations in sustainable design.

I think one of the problems with the ideas of Sustainability, is how expensive it feels to do so-even in making simple choices like what kind of detergent one should use. For example, we do have the brand Ecover, which makes washing and laundry detergents which are apparently ecologically stable. This is all very nice, but at the end of the day saving the environment with Ecover costs. When one has local manufacturers giving you cheaper alternatives with possibly similar results, what would they choose??? one of the possible reasons, Ecover is so expensive in Finland(and elsewhere) is that it is imported(carbon intensive??) and does not have too many(or any) competitors.

This is why being sustainable has to be easy: easy on the mind and easy on the pocket. It cannot be an elitist drive. Which is draws me to SEOS. The very fact that this firm(like many others) shares their information and knowledge wins brownie points from me. There is one interesting slide on this that evaluates the effectivenss of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), total beauty, carbon footprint and so on. Good thoughts penned on these.


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