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Undergarments, not just green in colour

20 October 2008 No Comment

Piado, an American garment company, has developed a very crucial part of the men’s garments out of bamboo fabric: the underwear. In keeping with their motto of pushing design to its limits, they have turned the underwear into a fashion statement.

The fabric is developed from bamboo. Bamboo fabric has been around for sometime now, created by a few Chinese corporations. Bamboo is a grass that grows very quickly and can be harvested easily. It is widely used in alternative construction all over the world. As a fabric ,it possesses wiking properties, is light, odour-free and absorbs water from the skin for evaporation. It is also known to have antibacterial properties which is retained after several washes.

Piado is inspired by the themes of LIFE, ENERGY and FREEDOM. The company, not only just creates this great looking underwear (i just can’t stop oogling), but also makes sure that the packaging of the product is made of recycled materials. The packaging serves a dual purpose: as packaging for the underwear and can be reused as cd cover or such. Great going!

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