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voice of dissent

26 April 2011 No Comment

Lately, I have been quiet. With no real attachment and cause to fight for. To move a stone an inch by staring at it: thats my soul food. ¬†There is Anna Hazare, but it makes for good entertainment with fired-up students taking to the street. He is this cute old man with a point, no doubt. ‘Ending corruption’- how would that work? This is an entire society that thrives on the hand under the table or the ‘baksheeh’ over the top. Anyways, he doesn’t seem to have jerked anyone off their feet. If he did, it would only be a matter of time…

Cause you end up dead in this so-called democracy when you test political might or safer bet, you can be certain to be accused of treason. (You can take your pick from this article “http://www.tehelka.com/story_main48.asp?filename=Ne260211Coverstory.asp“.) Whats worse, we (the urban masses) are spineless: we watch and make it none of our business. We turn so quickly in the eye of the storm, in the eye of power. We make no bones that what you do is right but its your bone to pick.¬†After-all, we take our daily bread and don’t have the energy: we give up our morals, ethics and even, sleep in the sight of ‘bling bling’.

Someone said ‘shame on you for being indifferent’ to Mr.Hazare. But its just not him: I share this all-too-typical indifference to the homeless and those looted economically and emotionally.

But who can I save? What is the price of making a difference? It is evidently too high here, too high for anyone to even care.

There is no point dealing with cases of unjust: we know too well the cost of dissent…

An afterthought

This is no way disregards the nameless and faceless who take on the everyday challenge of living activism…I am only an ant in front of these giants of glory…


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