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what am I doing now?

18 May 2010 No Comment

well, I have started work on the much ignored Helsinki’s ‘green map’. Currently, working on all the second-hand clothing stores of the city. Once I feel it is fairly complete, it will get online. I have a couple of ideas of how to take this map forward and develop it into what the city can perhaps use…

But till then, here is the open green map!!


The other project I plan to work alongside is the one on plastic bags. I will know on Wednesday what I will be doing with it.

So,today is a date cake..I don’t like dates, but I can eat cake with tonnes of cream. 😉  I thought I would make it vegan, but I have regular good ol’ milk in the fridge. It might be gluten free however, cause that is the flour I still have…Here is the recipe I am trying


the cake came out all right I guess…a bit crusty on the top…I would recommend after baking for 20min, cover the top with foil- to prevent burning….but here is the pic…


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