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when d home is rocked

20 February 2011 One Comment

14th Dec 2011.

I consider many places home…purely because I have lived in all these places, have taken on values and conveniently claim to be a citizen of them. But when I  speak of one place, i.e. Bahrain- it conjures up memories of a good childhood and life. Of course, I am not Bahraini but that is just an issue of ‘names’- I don’t speak the language but thats a mere technicality. I am not religiously similar but that was because Bahrain allowed us to be. As much I am a foreigner, it is my place. The place my parents, like many other Indians went to, to seek a better life for themselves and the following generations.

With riots or protests occurring out there, as an offshoot to the ones that took place in Egypt and Tunisia, it is only natural I follow it thread to thread. Its pretty amazing that nothing has shown up on CNN or BBC but there is coverage from other channels. A lot of the news is coming via twitter feeds(new age news??), which makes the protests less isolating.

One person dead. One critically-injured and others injured. Bahrain is a such a small place that one person dead is a huge deal. All this just to be heard.

20 Feb 2011.

19th Feb, Pearl roundabout. Picture: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/feb/19/bahrain-protesters-reclaim-city-centre-manama

welcome to the madness. welcome to the frenzy. A lot has happened since 14th Feb.

Pearl roundabout became the symbol of conflict and anger and hopefully, it will find a place for peace as well. With Bahrain lacking in communal spaces, it seemed obvious spot for congregation. What ensued is all over the news and eventually, 5 or more lost their lives. The one space where people could voice their discontent and tankers and bullets took force. All that was essentially needed was for the govt. to address their discontent, offer a listening ear and provide through dialogue.

With violence, came defiance- there is fearlessness of the government, law and order…but the protesters r still choosing to convey their demands as peacefully as possible…even offering roses to the riot police. Their role models- the Martin Luthers, Gandhis…as an afterthought, even India got  independence majorly through ‘peaceful’ chaos caused by disregard, disobedience and the ‘finger’ to the colonial rulers who decided their subjects don’t have minds of their own… Anyways, at this point, the Bahraini opposition filled with ‘martyr’ might is rejecting talks with ruling party. Not sure how this helps.

On the other side, pro-govt supporters, which includes the stronghold of expats(who have probably never set foot into the wee villages of Bahrain), feel they are not being given a voice by the media. They started their campaign and took to the street as well. The feeling is that the opposite side are spoilt little children who are just ungrateful to the ruling party’s handouts. “Look at what all the government has given them!!’ Surely, there is a civilised way to voice discontent- umm, yea sure…

And then there are others who looks at this as a major inconvenience to their lives. Their jobs and lifestyle at stake…

I love Bahrain with childhood cravings and my loyalties are with the King and its people. I watched the Crown Prince come on BahrainTV and ask for peace and calm. He appealed to everyone’s sense of patriotism of the country and not to the loyalties of the growing divide between her people.There are numerous facebook events calling for peace and calm. I wait for the dialogue to begin- for the madness to subside.

Through friction, comes change…whether we like it or not…

Hopefully, everyone gets a little bit of heaven…

16 April 2011

Pearl roundabout does not exist anymore- I shed tears for its loss.

Tankers came in and ‘controlled’ the distuation…

People have gone missing, someones daughter goes on hunger strike…

no resolution, the opposition has been voted off…

nothing left to say…


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