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A place for books @Kranti

22 December 2013 No Comment

Ever since the teaching course at Rachana Sansad in August 2012, there was a discussion to design and build a library for Kranti’s space. The project, finally, took off around March 2013  post the Goa Project. The library was initially designed by Shilpa Bhagchandani, after which I took over. The project was mostly overlooked by Ekta Sharma and myself. It got built within a month and was completed in June 2013.

The focus of the space was to make it comfortable and a work-space for the girls of the home as well as providing adequate shelving for the books that Kranti has stocked up in their house. In addition, the space could be used for meetings and discussions. The design solution was to have two sides of the room  docked with shelving: the intersection of both these shelves would have seating area nestled in it. One side has the collapsible desks, which provides flexibility for maximizing space and the free wall would have a white-board. The floor would have mats and cushions for seating along the periphery of the shelving, which would even function as back rest. The idea was to keep the space simple, clean and minimalistic.

Kranti Library Design by katzgons


And a few pics of what it looks like now with its feline residents…































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