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Crowdfunding Crash Insights at YCF- June 2015

5 July 2015 No Comment

As part of the second and last module of the Young Connectors of the Future, the fellows were encouraged to conduct workshops for the others. So, Prakshal and me were discussing about doing a session based on our experiences of crowdfunding for projects and charitable causes—-and the man signed us up for it… and the only alternative was to actually do the workshop.

The workshop covers a bit of:

  • What kind of projects can be funded?
  • Estimating costing and rewards.
  • The most important bit: how you harness the crowd
  • Creating content for social media.
  • How you can work with social media¬†tools

Prakshal and me explaining our experiences of crowdfunding. Photo Credit: Shakir Azizi

The challenges here were keeping the session interactive and perhaps, that requires more planning that we managed to put in.

Moreover, I later learnt this was more about ‘facilitating’ and less about ‘lecturing’. But I am totally guilty of the latter.

So putting together all our thoughts was quite a challenge, given that it was all done in the wee hours of the day of presentation. Nevertheless it all seemed relevant and had everyone engaged. And looks like, a few campaigns are in the works- fingers crossed!

But here is the presentation:

Hack the Crowd

Have fun!

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