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gggggglllluuuu…. what??

18 November 2009 One Comment

coming from a nation that feels wheat in its blood, I have rarely encountered anyone who is allergic to gluten. In my head, it even felt funny or perhaps,fussy thanks to my ignorance. well, yesterday, was the day- a friend is gluten intolerant. To add to that, she is vegan. Now, I love my meat and there have been attempts to dissuade this love affair and I have religiously stuck by it. But I have always tried to be respectful of other people’s eating habits, along with religion and political views. Though what annoyed me the most was people didn’t respect my decision to be a meat-eater and instances wouldn’t sit on the same table as me and the like. Anyways, a major reason that perhaps allows be to remain acceptable of one’s dietary habits is my own trysts with food—

when I was in sixth grade, I read a lesson on the joys and tribulations of tapeworms being present in pigs and cows and so on. Now at the age, if your told about ‘worms in ur bum’, you would bloody freak out and never touch the damn things again…or atleast thats what I did. I stopped eating pork, meat, any form of red meat till a couple of years ago when I ventured onto the shores of Scotland. Once I got to Scotland, I realised I would have a hard time sticking to such a diet, so I caved or rather I adapted to eating it when the situation called for it. To some a rubbish excuse to eat some energy intensive ‘product’ but honestly, if anyone should be accused of being energy intensive, its man- hasn’t the earth been given to him for him to use and abuse?? So, if you really want to push it, stop eating, stop buying your clothes that come from China, your lovely iphone from god-knows-where-it-was-assembled and bla bla…starve urself to death and you have proved ur point. think you can handle that??…i figure not, so bugger off!!!

I’m not sure y I gave the little sermon but anyways, I began this little journey by looking up what ‘gluten’ is, ‘celiac’ and vegan. All that jazz!!! So that meant avoiding wheat which is gluten intensive, and avoiding milk products. And then a lil dig at google to give me a recipe would suit the requirements-it took some time to get my head around it but thank god for the internet huh!!! So I found this lovely recipe on this blog called Karina’s Kitchen
Delicious gluten free bread recipe-
So, now the recipe asks for all these different flours and stuff I have never heard of like Xantham gum- a small voice reminds how amateur a baker I am. O dear God- it can’t be that difficult, right?!! well, it did feel like too much but then it turns out Helsinki is gluten-free paradise!! Now Helsinki is also ‘flour-heaven’, so i headed to the supermarket praying that it would have some gluten-free flour mixes to make my life easier- and low and behold, I managed to come across way too much choice but I went in for Sunnuntai. Mind you, I had gone prepared with Finnish translations and the sort.Now, the main ingredient of the flour is wheat starch and I had sirens in my head- but the package insisted that it was gluten-free. So I thought there must be a simple explanation for this staring-at-you-in-the-face paradox but upon looking it up, the starch thingie is stripped of its gluten and I am hoping intolerant is not the same for allergic. 😉
Anyways, my brain woke up at 7.40am and dragged my body to the kitchen to get going on this little experiment. I substituted the dry mix in the recipe with the flour and added salt and followed the recipe as is. I quiet enjoy working with fresh yeast apart from it working with my budgetary requirements- I let the bread rise for about 40 min. I also sprinkled the top with crushed almonds and it looks allll pretty. This is how it looks before I put it in the oven-
Took it out of the oven and covered it aluminium foil and its back in for another 30 min.
Its cooling now. But this is how it looks…
Now to gift wrap it…


Apparently, the bread met with favourable reviews. I am mighty pleased.
Life is good!!

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  1. Alicia says:

    Aw how nice 🙂 I enjoyed reading the technicalities. Up until now I thought I had decent enough knowledge about baking. You shattered my illusion :p there were so many new things in your post! Now I want to fall ill as well, so I can receive the privileges of being your friend.

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