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Good news from LeNS

14 October 2010 No Comment

Last Autumn, I participated in a workshop run in TaIK by Cindy Kohtala. Our brief was to pursue a ‘wellbeing’ agenda in the design school of Srishti, which is based in Bangalore, India. We decided to investigate safety and security issues, which may have resulted from the school’s perceived eliteness and the local community.

We developed LIPS, which involved local knowledge to be utilized in the school curriculum, all the while fostering relationships between the students and their immediate local community. This interaction between the community and students would develop an atmosphere of trust and engagement, thereby reducing the hostility and aggressiveness that was experienced by the ‘outsiders’.

For this project, we won an honorary mention!! YAY!!!

Team:Claudia Garduno & Kavita Gonsalves.Won Honorary Mention.



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