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Supermatic and me!

8 February 2010 2 Comments
My journey started with the need to sew reusable bags for family and friends and I had quiet decided that I wouldn’t be able to afford a sewing machine…So I decided I would get me a book to teach me how to handstitch- incredibly naive, I was!!! I got myself Cath Kidston’s ‘Sew’ and realised that one couldn’t really do without a sewing machine. So on Friday night (5/02/2010), I resolved to head to a thrift store (Fida), as a friend had found much luck with a sewing machine there.
Come Saturday, I am up at 8 am and arrived at the store’s opening time. I walked around a bit distracted by all the stuff they had and then headed to their semi-basement to hunt. Almost giving up, I noticed something that had possibility to be what I was looking for. I spoke to the shop assistant and she was most kind to rummage around till I pointed her to the corner. She pulled out this incredible tanned ‘Elna Supermatic’ and I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. Now, I had read time and again that old sewing machines are magic but this wasn’t what I had in mind. I texted a few friends asking about what I should do, while standing before such greatness (;P). I am a complete novice.

I googled the machine on my wee phone and was amazed-its a swiss-built machine of the 50s and has a whole community dedicated to it. Finally, I thought ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ and friends’ messages edged me into taking a chance ( somewhere ABBA was singing in the background). I spoke to the assistant again and about my predicament of not really knowing sewing machines and we worked out a deal. I took the machine home, spent two days figuring it out as there was no manual- managed to produce some stitches with all accessories. And I must say I am mighty pleased!
I have also been thinking about who could have possibly owned it earlier. The machine must have so many stories- a dinner dress to a tablecloth. How come someone gave it away? It almost feels like I got received a gift or was handed down a treasure (such romance), only difference I paid for it ,of course. I will be taking it in for a check, just to be sure. But all in all, I went into the shop looking for a 80s/90s produced electric machine, and I can’t get over this beauty I have. teehee!!

2 Responses to "Supermatic and me!"

  1. smm says:

    Congratulations! Now do some majic with that machine..! 😉

  2. Alicia says:

    and friends' messages edged me into taking a chance ( somewhere ABBA was singing in the background).:D u crack me up!

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