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The journey so far with ‘The Bake Collective’

8 April 2013 No Comment

As with all wonderful journeys, it always helps to put in a word or two for those who are curious about how The Bake Collective is getting along. Let me tell you- it has been pretty good!!

The one thing I did not envision that would happen with The Bake Collective is its continuity and hopefully, it will have go well into continuum. And a few reasons for this is because of people’s faith in The Bake Collective and what it was doing. To begin with, none of this would have happened if we didn’t have start-up NGOs bringing their urgent and pressing causes to set the stage. With our Facebook page and through our friends, we managed to build a small network of home-bakers and volunteers.

In February 2013, we were also lucky that our friend, the very amazing lady, Shormishtha of Rickshaw jumped on board to help us with outreach. One of the very amazing posters they designed for their campaigns is just right here:

TBC Artwork by the wonderful Rickshaw peoples (http://www.rickshawindia.com/)

TBC Artwork by the wonderful Rickshaw peoples (http://www.rickshawindia.com/)

So, a little bit of the impact we have managed to create:


Milaap, the micro-lending organisation, was the reason that set the wheel turning for The Bake Collective. It does wonderful work to help people become self-sufficient and gives them opportunity to take responsibility for their problems. The model works on providing little loans to the people and with time, they repay it back. The funds raised by TBC were around Rs. 70, 457.

With the way the system works whatever has been repaid back to us, we have relent it to someone else. So far we have made 36 loans, total amount reloaned is Rs.93, 810 and the amount repaid to date is Rs. 34, 157. An overview is as follows:



























In 2012, we also raised the following amounts for the organisations as listed below:

World for All= Rs.5,000

World for All is an organisation which works with rescues and adoptions of animals.

Urmi Foundation = Rs. 45, 564

TBC helped raise funds for Urmi Foundation’s ‘Let’s go to school’ project, which is primarily to help kids with different intellectual capacities get to school.


So far in 2013, we worked with one organisation.

Mimaansa= Rs. 43,000

Mimaansa works with children who have learning disabilities. TBC helped in raising funds to secure a teacher that would help assist Mimaansa’s kids.

We also made a bit of money via our catering circle called TBCCC= Rs.255

So now…

In 2012, we raised Rs. 121,021 and in 2013, we have so far raised a total of Rs. 43,255. Total funds raised is Rs. 164,276.

So, TBC’s overall impact in Milaap micro-lending is Rs.93, 810 and the overall amount we raised for the later organisations is Rs. 93,819. This brings us to a total impact of Rs. 187,629 for both years.

Wow!! My head is reeling from all these numbers!!

This has only been possible because of the support we get from our bakers and volunteers. All these wonderful people help us tirelessly, taking time off from their work and businesses to do this to be involved in a cause that is so much bigger than all of us put together. On that count, I am gonna end this post with a wee quote:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead









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