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the wee garden

24 July 2010 No Comment

garden in the apartment

This is my attempt to grow the few things we can harvest at home. The obvious reason for this is ,of course, the great ol’ carbon footprint and to reduce costs…but most importantly, to teach myself how to grow and nurture my meals….some of those things which are good to know in the post-industrial scenario 😉

imagine that…

so right now, trying spinach and lettuce…and plants called camellia- paril snow and another variety…most likely they will not grow here…

I tried germinating a bunch of seeds of spinach… I used a couple of layers of tissue—moistened them…added the seeds in rows…and cover it with a moist layer of seeds…in a warm place in the house, out of direct sunlight…kept moistening it for two days…germinated by the third day… i tried 9 seeds and about 6 germinated…then i put them in the blue container with soil…and watered the whole container…fingers crossed!!

good references for this experiment are

the urban garden hoe


You grow girl


urban harden magazine



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