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Today Project 20160625

25 June 2016 No Comment

All you have to do today….

Keep moving….

Remember to shoot videos in horizontal.


Legacy: it’s not what you take,

But what you leave behind.


sound the alarm


The stage

The stage


“Your hair like that was sexy.”

Cringing, “That’s not me anymore.”

β€œIt’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


This city is big, this city can fill me.

I walk to remember—

That I know better.

Where to come and find you.


This city is big, it is all of me.

Coffee Stop


Disrupt me with that speed & that stare.

I can take it all.

Smells & sounds—not so ambient or subtle…

This city makes space for me.



Make me a project.

Make me love you more.

And I always find you outside waiting for me—-

To soak you all in.



I could show you I cared.

But before I go there— there needs to be validation,

Before any sort of action.


You are mute.

Hence, muted out for now.



Architect of Self-Destruction


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